Best Home Brewing Kit Every Beginners Need

With bars and clubs closed due to the pandemic, sometimes you just need a glass or two to cap off the night. Why not start brewing your own with some of the best home brewing kits?

7 Best Home Brewing Kits for Newbies

1. Best for Smaller Batches: Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit

Let’s face it: not everyone has the space for a huge barrel of beer. The good news is that Northern Brewer manages to come up with a kit that fits right in your kitchen.

Each kit contains fresh ingredients and, as a hallmark of standing by their product, professional brewers on standby to help you in case you get stuck.

2. Best for First Timers: Mr. Beer American Golden Ale Complete Beer Making Kit

If you know absolutely nothing about home brewing, Mr. Beer’s kit is just for you. It has all the things you need to make a home brew and easy step by step instructions on how to use them.

This kit comes with pre-measured ingredients you need to make two classic beer varieties. When done right, you’ll have some ready homemade beer in as little as 2 weeks.

3. Best for the Value-Conscious: Midwest Supplies Beer Homebrewing Starter Kit


Midwest Supplies provides one of the more affordable home brewing kits you can find in the market today. Although they don’t have the bells and whistles of its more expensive counterparts, they offer the full end-to-end brewing experience without breaking the bank.

4. Best for the Non-Committal Brewer: Craft a Brew Craft Beer Brewing Kit

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Craft-A-Beer Craft Beer Brewing Kit – Photo by The Coolector

Not sure you want to home brew for the long haul? This kit allows you to get a taste of brewing without having to invest in the funds or real estate to do so.

It contains a variety of craft brew recipes to try out and the kit is enough to make a small batch.

5. Best for Brewing Alcohol-Free: Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Kit

Home brewing doesn’t always have to involve alcohol (especially if you plan on doing this with your kids). Just like its alcoholic counterpart, this kit contains all you need to make root beer, and the best part is you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in as little as three days.

6. Best for the Tech-Obsessed: Pico Model C


If you have the cash to burn, the Pico Model C elevates your craft beer brewing experience. This machine gives you the convenience of getting a fresh brew without all the fuss that comes with manually creating everything.

7. Best for the Purists: Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

Many home brewing kits use malt to hasten the process, but there’s nothing like using fresh grains to get the best taste.

The Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit contains enough ingredients to make a gallon of beer from grains. Sure, it’s going to take longer to do than using malt, but this results in a fresher, better-tasting glass.

Picking out the best home brewing kit for your needs can get quite overwhelming. That being said, you couldn’t go wrong with any of these kits and share your experiences with us if you’ve used any of them.

What’s your home brew craft beer go-to? Let us know in the comments section below!


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