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Couple Live A Simple & Adventure Filled Life In A DIY Sprinter Van Conversion

Chris and Lisa have been living in their fully DIY renovated 2017 170 inch wheelbase 2017 Sprinter for six months. They have a great solar and internet setup, which allows them to work from the road while they travel. They also run a small business making enamelware. They love the people they meet along the way and don’t see an end in sight when it comes to van-life. They included live edge countertops and a gorgeous Moroccan backsplash that make this build beautiful.

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Image credits: roveandswig

“Hi, we’re Lisa and Chris and we are Rove and Swig. We have been in our 2017 Mercedes Sprinter for about six months now.”


Image credits: roveandswig

“I used to consider myself a very patient person until I moved into the van. Like, moving into the van, transitioning from normal life in here. That had absolutely the biggest change. You find out a lot about yourself and your relationship, to be honest, so changing, just being patient,t and just being able to go with the flow and, actually, meeting everybody on the road has been so helpful. You hear everybody’s stories, and you know you get to be part of their life, but I would say definitely to be able to be just a more of a patient person was the biggest change for me.”


Image credits: Tiny Home Tours

“I think that we’re just gonna keep doing this until it’s just not fun anymore for us. Now, I don’t know when that would be, maybe it’ll get old someday, but right now we’re just we love it. We’re still in that sort-of honeymoon phase of just waking up in a new place, you know five out of seven days the week or every day if we want to.”

Image credits: roveandswig

Image credits: Tiny Home Tours

Image credits: roveandswig

Image credits: Tiny Home Tours

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