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Reliable pet feeders for when you can’t make it home in time for dinner

It's chow time.

It’s chow time. (Amazon/)

When you’re rushing through coffee, collecting dry cleaning to drop off, and answering emails at the same time, sometimes you forget (or almost forget) to feed your dog before leaving the house. That’s one scenario in which a pet feeder comes in handy. Another? When you want to take a weekend trip but can’t find a cat sitter. Give yourself (and your best friend) a bit of insurance with one of these automatic pet feeders.

If you tend to be forgetful, this is the feeder for you.

If you tend to be forgetful, this is the feeder for you. (Amazon /)

This option holds 24 cups of food (dry or semi-moist) and dispenses it at scheduled feeding times. It will run for almost a full year on a single set of batteries, and both the plastic pieces and bowl are dishwasher friendly. If you’re going on a trip and can’t find a cat-sitter, this feeder will have you covered; you can program up to 12 meals at a time. Best of all, if your puppy friend has eyes that are too big for his stomach, there is a great slow feed option that will dispense smaller portions.

Feed your pet from your phone.

Feed your pet from your phone. (Amazon/)

This pet feeder has smart features to outsmart even the sneakiest furry friend. This feeder connects to an app on your phone that will allow you to feed your buddy remotely with a quick touch. There’s also a “child lock” setting that blocks pets from pressing the “feed now” button on the actual feeder, and the pet proof design ensures that they won’t be able to break in from the top. You can schedule meals and control portions from afar, and when you get back home just throw the pieces in the dishwasher if they’re starting to look like they need a little TLC.

Ultimate portion control.

Ultimate portion control. (Amazon/)

This is an affordable, straightforward option that will do the job well. The segmented design (five slots hold up to one cup each) guarantees accurate portion control, and the LCD screen and clock make it easy to set up a feeding schedule that works for you—whether that’s five small meals over the course of one day or five larger meals spread across several days. This feeder is also better than most at keeping semi-moist food palatable, thanks to its plastic cover.

No cats allowed.

No cats allowed. (Amazon/)

Those looking for a sturdy feeder for your dog, look no further. This feeder is made of galvanized steel, which will prevent your puppy pal from chewing it up, and it can even be put outside for those of you who’d rather keep feeding in the yard. This is also a great option because it’s so quiet. The feeder features a magnetic door that dogs push open. The wall-hanging design allows you to adjust the height to your pup’s needs.

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