Whopping $31 Million Investment In „By Chloe“ -The Vegan Fast Food Chain Breaks Records

A New York City-located, laid-back vegan restaurant chain “By Chloe” has obtained $31 million for the purpose of expanding the business to 20 other US locations as well as worldwide.

As stated by Moneyish, the chain-established by chef Chloe Coscarelli who abandoned the organization a year ago, obtained donations on behalf of Bain Capital, Kitchen Fund, Collaborative Fund, TGP International/Qoot International, and many other sharp investors.

Samantha Wasser, the co-founder, and creative director, reported that the goal from the first day was to bring vegan food to the people and make it as quick-access and as fun as it can be. “By Chloe” is famous for its vegan burgers, fries, cupcakes, and etc.

Wasser stated: “When we first began to discuss the idea, our CEO said, There is no way that you can be successful; the vegan population is quite small.”

The firstBy Chloe place was initially set up in New York City’s West Village neighborhood in 2015 and has rapidly grown since then. Nowadays, a whopping 10 “By Chloe” restaurants have been set up in America, “Sweets by Chloe” being one of them, a dessert place.

It was revealed, back in 2017, that the business had made a $13 million investment in global development. This investment helped the opening of the first overseas By Chloe restaurant in London. The opening of one more restaurant has been announced, located at One Tower Bridge.

Allegedly, “The international expansion will carry on all the way through Europe and the Middle East, with many other stores to be set up in London and Dubai.”

According to Wasser, overseas markets are a huge opportunity for the business to succeed even more. “I have heard that London holds its place among the best food scenes throughout the world,” before the international expansion. 

“When I went there, I certainly understood what the hype was about. We’ve gathered a great deal of followers on social media and have fans in numerous countries constantly asking us to bring our business there.”

Source: livekindly.co

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