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‘Sea of Plastic’ Discovered In The Caribbean Stretches 5 Miles And Is Choking Wildlife

Photos that recently toured the planet could by no means be classified as brochures on the Caribbean as a paradise destination. They show the much darker side of the turquoise blue sea.

Plastic waste is slowly but surely filling the seas and oceans. According to United Nations estimates, each of us uses about 140 pounds of plastic each year. Of that, at least 6.4 tons end up in the seas and oceans.
This is also shown by photos posted by photographer Carolyn Pauver to raise awareness of this major environmental problem.

Sea of Plastic

“This must stop! Think about the plastic you use every day, ”Carolyn wrote.

One of her photos shows a distraught captain trying to get his ship out of the water completely covered in garbage. The second, taken below the surface of the water, shows plastic bottles, bags and other debris blocking the sun’s rays.

Ecologist John Aurston, of the Blue Planet Society, which is fighting for the protection of the ocean, said this is the worst example of plastic pollution he has seen so far.

“In some areas, there is more plastic than animal plankton or basic food in the oceans, and it often reaches the food chain. We have evidence that about 100,000 mammals die in the oceans annually because they are entangled and suffocated by plastic debris, ”John notes.

Sea of Plastic

“Each of us should address this issue, but manufacturers and the government must take the lead. It’s a global problem that needs an immediate solution. “

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