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The best wireless headphones running and working out

They stay in so you can stay focused.

They stay in so you can stay focused. (Asoggetti via Unsplash/)

Experts agree that working out is crucial to good mental health, but there’s nothing quite as infuriating as fidgeting with headphones that keep slipping. It almost defeats the purpose. On the other hand, a good pair of wireless headphones can provide that transformative soundscape that motivates you to shave a few seconds off your mile time. We’ve narrowed down the options by looking at what we want in a pair of headphones for our workouts. They need to stay in place when we get sweaty, comfortably fit in our ears, and sound good. These are four of our favorite options to get you running to the beat.

Have more fun on your run.

Have more fun on your run. (Amazon/)

These JBL headphones are about as good as it gets for working out. They sound great—slightly amped bass without sacrificing good mids and crisp highs. A charge will give you 10 hours of playtime, but there’s also an amazing 10 minute rapid-charge feature if they’re about to die. Sometimes you can’t rearrange your schedule, and the rapid charge will give you another hour of juice. They fit securely in your ears and won’t wiggle out on a long run. We also love the TalkThru feature, which allows you to answer a call without taking out your earphones. If you happen to get stuck in the rain, they’re also waterproof.

No doubt about a better workout.

No doubt about a better workout. (Amazon/)

If you are crazy about heavy bass, these are a very popular option. When you’re working out the last thing you want to hear is your own panting noises. These are attractive headphones that come in a sleek charging case. They’re wireless, which helps avoid any tugging cords while you’re moving around. If you read wireless and started to worry about losing them, the Powerbeats have adjustable ear hooks to ensure they don’t go anywhere. They’re also sweat and water resistant, so they’ll be secure during your most intense workouts. We also appreciate that you can choose to play just one ear at a time; for those of you who run on the side of the road, you might want to be able to hear the cars too.

You bet these will help you sweat.

You bet these will help you sweat. (Amazon/)

There’s a reason people love Bose products, and we love these SoundSport headphones for our runs. If you’re nervous about wireless headphones, these have a connective cord to keep them together. It won’t get in your way because it sits behind your neck, and it’ll make them harder to lose. They also come with multiple ear piece sizes to ensure maximum comfort. They have lots of other good stuff too: 6-hour battery life, sweat-resistant design, and an inline mic for calls.

Hit the streets with better beats.

Hit the streets with better beats. (Amazon/)

Maybe you don’t want to shell out on running headphones. After all, if they’re going to get covered in sweat and blast Britney Spears, they don’t need to break the bank. These Letscom wireless headphones are an absolute steal. They’re lightweight and come with a variety of earpiece sizes, as well as over-ear hooks and a connective cord. You definitely don’t have to worry about losing these. They’re waterproof and the sound quality is great for the price. Really, they’re almost too good to be true. You’ll be wondering why you ever spent more on another pair.

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