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10 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas For Your Sneaker Collection

If you have a growing sneaker collection, maybe it’s time to make a DIY shoe rack of your own. I created this list of different racks to give you an idea of what you can do to keep your kicks organized.

These ideas are easy to build on your own and can be a perfect organizational project you can do while on lockdown.

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These DIY Shoe Rack Ideas Can Fix Your Sneaker Collection Mess

1. Ladder Shoe Rack

This shoe rack doesn’t just organize but doubles as a shelf as well. It’s stylish enough to be a welcoming addition to your home.

2. Floating Sneaker Wall


Create a floating sneaker wall using bar brackets. Pretty much how you would see shoes being displayed on stores. It’s simple and makes a wall look clean.

3. Shelves


Simple and easy. Use shelves and brackets to mount on the wall or even inside your closet, just to keep everything together.

4. Back-Lit Sneaker Wall


Bring your sneakers to life while they’re on display by giving your wall of collection a lighting accent. Looking in a room with this back-lit accessory will accentuate this portion of the wall, highlighting your priceless kicks.

5. Wall Mounted Shoe Box


An ingenious way to show your love for sneakers and being creative at the same time is wall mounting a shoebox. This will serve as a rack and at the same time a safe container to hold your shoes. Some people would throw away the shoe box but mounting it to the wall as a rack can work efficiently.

6. Jordans Clock


Create a wall clock out of your Jordan sneaker collection. You need to have the Jordan 1 to Jordan 12 — and use it to represent the hours of the clock. All you need is a wall-mounted rack for the shoes and a wall-mounted hour, minute, and second-hand for your Jordans clock to be complete.

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7. Giant Shoe Box


Get your woodworking game on. This giant shoebox can be modified to any design you prefer. Best of all, despite its simplicity, it acts as a shoe rack and shoe cabinet.

8. PVC Pipe


Sneakers can fit in big PVC pipes. When wall-mounted, it can serve as a circular rack where you can put your shoes in. It will become easier to pull out and put in your shoes and at the same time look very neat.

9. Pallet Rack


Use a pallet to make a shoe rack. There are different ways you can use a pallet as a rack but with just a few adjustments it can serve as a great project to hold your shoes.

10. Sneaker Wand


A shoe wand is a simple rack made of wood and a metal harness to support the sneakers. This is simple and perfect for those who are beginners to DIYs.

11. Industrial

A great idea for a DIY shoe rack is to make it look industrial by using pipes. A combination of black and mahogany-colored wood as a rack for the support. You can attach the pipes to the wall using screws.

Watch this video from Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking for a step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY shoe rack for your work shoes:

Having a huge sneaker collection can spell a huge mess for your closet. The best way to put everything in one place neatly is by creating your DIY shoe rack.

These ideas should help you (in a cool way, mind you) fix this problem. Additionally, you can customize your design depending on your available space.

Do you have your own DIY shoe rack done for your sneaker collection? Show it in the section provided below.


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