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Convenient and stylish K-Cup coffee pod holders

Convenient storage for your K-Cups.

Convenient storage for your K-Cups. (Helena Lopes via Unsplash/)

Part of the joy of the K-Cup coffee experience is how much variety it offers. You don’t have to commit to a bulky pound or two of a single type of coffee—grab a whole slew of tiny cups and experiment. The only problem with building your own countertop coffee shop is what, exactly, to do with all the little cups. Luckily, there is a whole industry of K-Cup storage options just waiting to be explored.

We found some of the most unique, efficient, and charming K-Cup storage containers available—all designed to keep your cups handy (or out of the way) while you enjoy your daily coffee tastings.

Everything where you need it to be.

Everything where you need it to be. (Amazon/)

Part K-Cup storage, part grand stage for your instant coffee maker, the Well Weng holder isn’t much for subtlety (or space saving) but it is elegant, well designed, and able to store a vast well off coffee types. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, the rack has a natural finish, and the two-tiered roll-out racks are sturdy and able to withstand constant use. It can hold 70 K-Cups, too, so feel free to dive into as many varietals as you want.

Circular java keeper.

Circular java keeper. (Amazon/)

Why hide your coffee selections away when you can make them part of the décor? These circular, wall-mounted holders act as frames for up to 44 Nespresso K-Cups at a time. They are made of solid wood and demand just over 1 square foot of wall space. The focus on presentation may also have you rethinking which brands you put up there—are their logos and packaging design good enough for display? Take note, though, that they are designed to be compatible with Nespresso Original pods, not Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

All business. (Amazon/)

Part coffee pod holder, part corkboard, this storage unit seems tailor made for extremely harried households. Compatible with more major coffee brand K-Cups such as Starbucks, Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, and others, the Mind Reader holds 20 cups that drop down as each one is pulled out and used. It’s easy to install, and provides a handy spot for “We’re out of French Roast” reminder notes.

Tower of caffeine. (Amazon/)

For those with limited countertop space, a rotating K-Cup tower is a great option. Despite its small footprint, the Everie carousel can hold up to 40 K-Cups at a time, and its smooth rotation makes them easy to access and reload. Like some of the wall-mounted options, the carousel also doubles as a display piece. It’s easy to assemble without any tools, so it’ll be up and running the afternoon it arrives in the mail.

No bells or whistles needed. (Amazon/)

You don’t have to overthink this. The Nifty storage drawer is a simple metal container that easily slides out for access to up to 36 K-Cups, while also providing a stand for your instant coffee maker. Thin and compact, it doesn’t hog counter space nor does it compete with any other kitchen décor. It’s designed to quietly do its job without drawing much attention to itself, and it does it well. Keep it simple, and keep the K-Cups close.