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Indoor composters for a more sustainable life

Compost inside your home.

Compost inside your home. (Amazon/)

Composting is an easy way to reduce the amount of waste produced by your household, sending organic matter like food scraps back into the soil. While many people compost outside in compost piles, it is possible to compost even if your home doesn’t have a garden or outdoor area. Indoor composters are compact and low-odor containers for food scraps. Having one in the house is important for people that have weekly compost pickups or drop offs. Indoor composters also make life easier for people with outdoor compost piles, decreasing the frequency with which they have to step outside to dump food scraps. If you’re new to the compost game, getting a bin is the perfect first step. Here are some of our favorite indoor composters available today.

Break down compost and make compost tea indoors.

Break down compost and make compost tea indoors. (Amazon/)

This five-gallon compost bin can live on a countertop and comes with liquid Bokashi, which can ferment and break down your food waste into soil and compost tea. Compost tea is a liquid that fertilizes plants and can be dispensed from the nozzle at the bottom of this SCD bin. Bokashi composting is especially great for the indoors, because it minimizes odor. With a tight lid and carrying handle, you can easily transport this bin to your outdoor compost pile or compost drop-off site.

Electric food recycler.

Electric food recycler. (Amazon/)

This is an awesome choice for plant-lovers and gardeners, as it can turn your compost into soil amendment in just three hours. It is also space-efficient and can reduce the volume of your food waste by 90 percent. It is a tightly-sealed and odor-free container, using heat and carbon filtration to break down food, including bones, pits and shells. The machine will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

No-frills low-odor compost bin.

No-frills low-odor compost bin. (Amazon/)

This 2.4 gallon polyethylene compost bin is a convenient size for any kitchen. It comes with a year’s worth of carbon filters, which help combat odor. You can safely put this in the dishwasher after it is emptied.

Cute compost bin for kitchens with minimal waste.

Cute compost bin for kitchens with minimal waste. (Amazon/)

If you aren’t producing large amounts of food waste, something smaller and more aesthetic-forward could be the ticket. This 1-gallon compost bin is a small pail that will look stylish in an urban kitchen and get the job done. You can remove the plastic container from the pail to dump your compost and throw in the dishwasher. Its lid is ventilated for moisture and temperature control, but the activated charcoal filters help prevent odor from escaping and stinking up your kitchen.

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