The best SSDs for portable digital storage

Need to store more?

Need to store more? (Neal E. Johnson via Unsplash/)

There was a time not long ago when almost any solid state drive would cost you an arm and a leg. That’s no longer the case. In fact, the standard for fast storage drives are now affordable even in sturdy and compact portable form. These portable drives can allow you to both reduce load times on your favorite games while easily bringing them with you to a friends house. You can store your design portfolio on one of these bad boys and have it handy for interviews, collaborations, and even the occasional elevator pitch.

Top dog.

Top dog. (Amazon/)

Samsung has a reputation for producing the fastest and sturdiest SSDs around. The T5 serves as their flagship portable product thanks to transfer speeds of up to 540 mbs/s. That high transfer rate makes the T5 a top choice for gamers who might want to upgrade their rigs or filmmakers and graphic designers who need quick access to large amounts of data. The stylish frame keeps the hard drive protected and 3-year limited warranty should add to your peace of mind.

Bring it with you.

Bring it with you. (Amazon/)

Carrying around all of your important documents on an expensive piece of technology might freak you out if you (like many of us) have accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet or had a kid use your laptop as a stepstool. We aren’t suggesting you try any of those things with this Sandisk but there’s a decent chance that if you do your data will remain secure and the drive intact. Sporting water, dust, and shock resistance you shouldn’t be too afraid to stash this in your backpack or pants pocket. Transfer speeds at 550 mb/s mean you aren’t sacrificing speed for durability.

Store more entertainment. (Amazon/)

Gamers looking to significantly reduce load times and increase storage space should give this drive a look. Its basic plastic case probably won’t protect it from a ride in your pocket or being dropped in your backpack but if you’re just looking for a drive to switch between game systems or laptops in one household this should do the trick at an affordable entry point.

More than just your average storage device. (Amazon/)

If you’re more concerned with securing, protecting, and sharing your data than you are with the quantity of data you can store this is the right SSD for you. Thanks to a wireless connection and an app you can preview images and stream video straight to a compatible device. Transferring data has never been simpler thanks to a built in flash drive port. And your data will be relatively safe thanks to shock resistance and a bumper that protects against falls and drops of up to a little over 3 feet.