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The best swimming goggles for people who love the water

Keep vision clear with the right gear.

Keep vision clear with the right gear. (Hello I’m Nik via Unsplash/)

If you spend hours in the pool swimming laps or regularly train in the ocean for a triathlon, protective eye gear is essential. The best swimming goggles shield your eyes from chlorine, salt water, and ultraviolet light while allowing you to clearly visualize your path to victory. Here are four great choices to help you meet your fitness goals, break a personal record, and feel as at home in the water as you do on land.

These get a seal of approval.

These get a seal of approval. (Amazon/)

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of eyewear for daily pool workouts, these latex-free goggles are a solid option. Anyone who’s ever had to avoid an overzealous kicker in lane three will appreciate the built-in anti-fog protection and good peripheral vision in this model. The cushioned eye-cups help you make it through long workouts without eye pain, and at this price point you can keep an extra pair on hand in case you lose one in the locker room.

Help your team make a splash.

Help your team make a splash. (Amazon /)

These inner eye goggles may be less comfortable than the Nest Pros since they sit snugly in your eye socket, but if you’re in the pool to race they’ll be less bulky than other styles. Practice tumble turns to your heart’s content after securing the goggles to your head using the adjustable double silicone straps. Choose between four included nose pieces to get the ideal fit and swim in open water with confidence—in addition to anti-fog treatment, these goggles have UVA and UVB protection.

Take home the gold.

Take home the gold. (Amazon/)

Olympic champion Michael Phelps partnered with Aqua Sphere to launch the MP brand of swim gear, including these top-of-the-line racing goggles. They’re made in Italy and are designed with soft inner eye gaskets to prevent leaks while maximizing comfort. The unique curved lenses offer wide peripheral vision to help you resist turning your head in the middle of a heat to see if you’ve still got the edge. All pairs have UV protection and you can choose from clear, smoke, and mirrored lenses depending on your preferences.

Balance comfort and performance.

Balance comfort and performance. (Amazon/)

If you want to be as streamlined as possible in the pool but can’t abide the inner eye fit of many racing goggles, try this pair that sits on the middle orbital of your eye socket. Enjoy up to a 180 degree field of vision as you swim and feel confident in the outdoors with full UVA/UVB protection and anti-fog lenses. People always battling the glare of the sun against the water should opt for the polarized lenses. The special push-button buckle makes it easier to secure and adjust your goggles while wearing them.

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