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Seller Puts Up Tentacle Leggings On His ETSY, And They Sell Out Like Water In A Desert

The fascination with tentacles isn’t exclusive to Japan. Recently, Daniel Struzyna put up tentacle tights he made with his own hands on his ETSY shop and now, he can’t keep up with the demand. Whether people want to become Ursula from The Little Mermaid at a cosplay convention or simply stand out from the crowd, Daniel has already sold out all of the octopi-inspired clothing he created.

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Image credits: tinkercast

Daniel began making custom tights 3 years ago. “The main inspiration was my girlfriend,” he told Bored Panda. “I wanted to make a special Christmas gift for her and I knew she really loved mermaids and Ariel. Also, most of the day she wore tights, so I wanted to combine these things and create something very fancy for her. At that point, I didn’t think about selling something like that online because the process of making them was very expensive and time-consuming.”

“When she posted a picture of her new Mermaid tights, the internet went crazy, [so I decided] to start making them for my shop as well. Over time, I have continued to improve the design and the tights that I create today are so much better than the first ones.”

Image credits: tinkercast

So far, buyers have been loving their purchases, exclusively giving them 5-star ratings. “I am thrilled with these,” Carolyn wrote. “The artistry and craftship [are] amazing… and they’re sparkly to boot (which I wasn’t expecting for some reason). Love them to bits and I can’t wait to get to wear them out for something.”

“These tights are just as stunning in person,” Renata said. “The product is expertly crafted and arrived to us on time. The color is perfect. Will definitely order from this shop again! Big thanks!”

Image credits: tinkercast

“The tentacle tights were inspired by the main villain in The Little Mermaid, Ursula,” the artist said. “After a lot of people bought the mermaid tights, I thought it would be cool to dedicate something to Ursula as well. Just like before, I have never thought this would be such a hit on the internet.”

At the moment, the tentacle tights are the most desired product out of everything on Daniel’s shop. “Unfortunately, I can accept only a relatively small amount of commissions at once because the process of making these tights is very time-consuming and I am not a company and don’t have a team behind me. I do everything on my own. I can only accept a few orders at a time, but the good part is that I can respond to each customer individually and create a unique piece of art for each of them.”

Image credits: tinkercast

The tentacles look like they deserve every compliment they get. Daniel creates them using nylon and silicone, allowing the buyer to select the color. The best part? Daniel makes them individually, meaning no two pairs are alike!

Image credits: tinkercast

“It blows my mind when I think about how many people want to own my tentacle tights,” Daniel said. “Maybe people desire them because they aren’t mass produced. I always try to get the best quality materials I can find and always try to improve myself. I think people can see this. I think the fact that every customer gets a unique individual piece makes them even more interesting.”

Tentacles aside, Daniel has created many more sea-inspired designs that can make tights and leggings look like one of a kind

Image credits: tinkercast

Image credits: tinkercast

Image credits: tinkercast

Image credits: tinkercast

Image credits: tinkercast

Image credits: tinkercast

People had a lot to say about these tights

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