The Ultimate 30 Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Blogs Of Year 2017!

The trick to leading a healthy lifestyle is sticking to a plant-based eating regimen.

Throughout the past couple of years plant-based recipe websites have flooded the internet. Along with this grew the popularity of oil-free vegan recipes.

On account of this, we present you with this list of the best 30 oil-free plant-based recipe sites in 2017:

1. Forks Over Knives

On this website you’ll come across articles by plant-based doctors along with real life experiences and recipes from numerous chefs and recipe plant-based bloggers.

2. Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore is the best place for oil-free vegan recipes and healthy living tips. You are also able to sign up to receive plant-based meal plans.

3. Fat Free Vegan

Fat Free Vegan tends to share mostly vegan low fat and oil-free vegan recipes.

4. Brand New Vegan

Brand New Vegan, the plant-based recipe blog follows the teachings of Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Barnard. Focusing on creating oil-free vegan recipes of familiar comfort foods.

5. Feasting On Fruit

Feasting On Fruit offers oil-free vegan recipes, mostly sweet, fruit-filled recipes.

6. The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 won’t overwhelm you with a long list of ingredients you need to buy. You can be assured that these oil-free vegan recipes are perfect!

7. Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center

On the Dr. McDougall website, you’ll find recipes such as oil-free dressings and sauces that can help complete a meal and many more plant-based recipes

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8. Straight Up Food

Straight Up Food shares whole food, plant based recipes that are salt, oil, and sugar-free. Written by a culinary instructor at the McDougall Program and TrueNorth Health, Cathy has the experience and expertise in healthy, plant-based cuisine

9. Plant Powered Kitchen

Plant Powered Kitchen shares family and kid-approved recipes along with tips for raising plant-based kids and oil-free vegan cooking, along with plenty of snack and lunch ideas that kids will love.

10. Ceara’s Kitchen

Ceara’s Kitchen provides a wide range of oil-free vegan recipes such as ice creams, pastas, salads, and gluten-free bread.

11. Cooking With Plants

Anja shares oil-free plant-based recipes in video form on YouTube. Follow along as she takes you through the cooking process.

12. My Plant-Based Family

The blogger shares her family’s journey with plant-based eating along with recipes and tips for raising plant-based kids.

13. Nutriplanet

Nutriplanet’s specialty is baking, breakfast, and dinner recipes. It is a plant-based nutrition promoting website.

14. The Plant Philosophy

The Plant Philosophy creates plant-based recipes with loads of variety. It is a good source for gluten-free and oil-free vegan recipes.

15. Sharan India

Sharan India shares healthy, sugar and oil-free vegan recipes. Opposing to most Western plant-based recipes, a number of the dishes are made with ingredients that can be found only in India.

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16. Nutrition Studies

Nutrition Studies displays a collection of oil-free recipes from various plant-based recipe bloggers.

17. Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too!!!

On Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too, you’ll find recipes that are salt, oil, and sugar-free

18. Raw Till Whenever

The whole food, oil-free vegan recipes on Raw Till Whenever are designed to help people begin a healthy, plant-based diet, with a handful of SOS-free (salt, oil, sugar) recipes.

19. Rise Shine Cook

Rise Shine Cook has oil-free vegan recipes for breakfast, dinner, sweet snacks, and appetizers by using whole plant foods to prepare amazing meals which are at the same time gluten-free.

20. Plants Rule

The recipes on Plants Rule are all oil-free, whole food, plant-based food Inspired by many ethnic cuisines such as the Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Western.

21. Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan publishes vegan recipes and cooking techniques. It isn’t exclusively for oil-free recipes; however there are a number of creative oil-free vegan recipes and meal options.

22. The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show is an eating regimen established by Dr. Fuhrman, consisted of salt, oil, and sugar-free recipes in video format

23. Potato Strong

Potato Strong is an extraordinary source of oil-free vegan recipes prepared with simple ingredients. Think of quick and delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinners.

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24. Eat Plant-Based

Eat Plant-Based is a blog equipped with oil-free plant-based recipes for every possible occasion. It teaches you nutrition and cooking.

25. Veggie Inspired

Even though all of the recipes on Veggie Inspired aren’t oil-free, the majority of them can be prepared without oil. Among them are recipes such as mac and cheese, cookies, soups, and burgers.

26. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website offers a handful of incredible plant-based recipes, most of them being oil-free.

27. Engine 2

The Engine 2 website has a selection of the maddest oil-free plant-based recipes based on the suggestions of the Engine 2 Diet books.

28. Simple Daily Recipes

Simple Daily Recipes will provide you various pressure cooker recipes. It publishes plant-based recipes on YouTube, most of them which are oil-free, include vegan faux meats and numerous other vegan specialties.

29. Plant Based Recipe

Plant Based Recipe has managed to gather lots of great of oil-free plant-based recipes that prove just how delicious healthy eating can be.

30. Plant Plate

Plant Plate has a reputation for being an oil-free vegan recipe source that enables people to find healthy meal ideas a lot easier. We’re talking about soups, sauces, rice bowls, and baked goods!



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