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Alkalize Your Body With The Lemon Juice And Baking Soda Elixir

On account of our busy lifestyle and poor nutrition, a more acidic environment has developed within the body, something that happened rarely in the past.

The body’s acidity is a perfect situation for the bacterial and virus development along with cancer that can only be stopped by alkalizing the body. You can easily do this by beginning to consume specific foods and natural solutions such as the one we will present to you today.

The solution
is made up of merely two simple ingredients – baking soda and lemon. They have an alkaline nature and also contain various health advantages. Both of them have anti-cancer components – Based on studies, they can destroy numerous kinds of cancer cells that also diminish a great deal of bacteria, viral infections and fungi.

Lemons are among the healthiest food products out there. They can strengthen our immunity and combat numerous infections, while at the same time balancing our blood pressure and minimizing stress. Baking soda is the ideal ingredient for bringing your body’s alkalinity.

A couple of studies have displayed that baking soda is able to destroy cancer cells, which is the reason why you should include it in your diet. Both of them are enemies of cancer, however their combo is even more potent and can easily prevent the development of malignant cells.

This is
how to make the remedy:


  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1
    cup of freshly squeezedlemon
  • 250 ml. purified water


It is very simple to prepare the drink. Simply mix the baking soda in the purified water and add the lemon juice, stir the mixture properly and consume the alkalizing elixir.

Make certain that the lemons are completely natural, and rinse them carefully under water before you use them. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, think positively, it helps. Just don’t lose focus and don’t allow depression to overwhelm you, and try this alkalizing solution to combat the horrible disease.


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