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Animal Crossings Are Saving Wildlife And People From Danger

Crossings for animals, the so-called green bridges are an increasingly common occurrence in the world.

These are animal crossings that allow wildlife to safely cross the streets. That is, the barriers set up in nature by humans.

These are artificial tunnels sprinkled with earth, which are then greened to better fit into the natural habitat of animals.

In addition to serving the natural habitat of animals, these bridges prevent animals from ending up under the wheels of cars. And thus contribute to the conservation of various animal species.

It should also be borne in mind that car and animal collisions pose a danger to drivers. Or that death may occur in the worst-case scenario.

One small solution for extinction

Green bridges have become indispensable due to human expansion into ever-increasing natural surfaces, causing many species to become extinct.

The first country to introduce this type of bridge is France. Back in the 1950s, and since then other cities have begun to be built.

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