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New Evidence: Coffee Protects The Brain

Neurologists continue to discover new ways in which coffee (to a lesser extent), tea and chocolate make our brains healthier and more resistant. In 2019 there is incredible progress in this research.

New evidence: Coffee protects the brain

A joint study by the National Institute on Aging Research and Johns Hopkins University, published in January in the journal Neurochemical Research, reveals that methylxanthine is found in coffee, tea, and dark chocolate.

“The substance affects neuronal network activity, maintains cognitive function and can protect neurons from loss of function and death in stroke animals, but also to protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease,” concludes.

The same study finds that the metabolite xanthine secreted when the brain processes caffeine can contribute to the beneficial effects of coffee, tea, and cocoa on brain health.

Then, an analysis of 11 studies of the effects of coffee on brain health, published in the International Journal of Surgical Oncology, shows that coffee and tea (and thus cocoa) not only reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease but also reduce the risk from brain cancer.

Finally, thorough research by Okayama University shows that the intake of chlorogenic acids from coffee stimulates the antioxidant properties of glial cells and prevents neurodegeneration. In translation, caffeine makes your brain more flexible and resilient.

Conclusion: If you want to keep your brain healthy in the future, you should consume coffee, tea or cocoa.

How much?

You probably don’t consume enough. Studies show that the ideal daily dose of coffee is about 6 to 8 cups.

If that sounds like too much, you can replace one or two cups of coffee with a slice of black chocolate. It should be noted that for other health reasons, you should consume coffee, tea, and cocoa without sugar and milk. But the effect will continue to be improved brain function.

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