Banana milk goes mainstream with a perfectly sweet new flavor from Almond Breeze

Banana milk first gained popularity last year. At the time, it was only being offered by two smaller brands, giving people a milk alternative made with fruit unlike the typical dairy-free varieties often seen on store shelves. Now that one of the most well-known companies in the alt-milk space is jumping on the trend, you can find it any grocery store.

Almond Breeze has been offering almond milk for years in the standard flavors: original, vanilla, and chocolate. The latest item to hit the refrigerated section combines unsweetened almond milk and bananas for a light yet creamy option that can be used in lattes, smoothies, and cereal. It’s pretty healthy, too. Every 80-calorie, one-cup serving contains half a banana, 12 grams of natural sugar (the same amount in cow’s milk), 2 grams of protein, and 45 percent daily value of calcium as well as vitamin D and vitamin E.

Even though it has less protein than other types, it brings on the potassium full-force with 470 mg (or 13 percent DV), which helps promote muscle recovery after exercise. Another perk? While other banana milk options on the market have a stronger flavor from essentially being made of pure bananas, this could be a great option for anyone who wants to ease into the trend. The bananas add a nice natural sweetness without as much of an overly powerful, in-your-face flavor.

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Banana milk lattes, coming right up!

If you’re not into bananas, there are plenty of other alt-milks out there. Here’s what you should know about oat milk and sesame milk.

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