People Who Are Late: Things You’ll Relate To If You Are Late All The Time Everywhere

We all have that one friend who comes late no matter what. Even if they are simply sitting at home and getting bored, if someone calls you to hang out, you’ll still be late. If you are the friend that we’re talking about, we feel you. It’s not that you’re doing it on purpose, right (or not)? Either you remember all the things you have to do before you go out only when you get a call from your friends or you just don’t want to get up from the cozy couch you’ve been sinking into. Or sometimes, you actually forget that you need to be somewhere and people are waiting for you. Now, that’s an honest mistake, right?

Being born as an absent-minded person is not your fault and sometimes you really wonder what’s the big deal in being a few minutes late. Well, that’s the irony of it— you’ll never get to know what it feels like to be waiting for someone. It actually is quite irritating. But, we understand your problems as well. You get laughed at, shouted at, lectured at, and so much more for being a latecomer. So, we thought it would be kinda funny to show you the mirror for a while (no judgments made) and here it goes!

1. Once You Say You’re Going, Time Just Flies!

You’re at home watching your ceiling fan go round and round on a Sunday. You’re so bored that you just want to get out and be with other human beings. And finally, when your friend rings you up and tells you that you’re going to meet them, hell breaks loose. You remember that you have to do the dishes before your mom comes home, take your dog for a walk, and clean your room. And, you don’t know what you’re going to wear, so you’ll, first of all, pull down the cloth heap from your cupboard to your bed. Now begins that dance auditions and ramp walks in front of the mirror, right? Argh! No wonder you get late every time.

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2. You Walk In And See Angry Faces


Well, isn’t it just nice to walk into a room full of people who are ready to pounce on you like a pack of hungry wolves? You get the glares and the verbal version of the glares even before you start explaining your excuse for coming late.

3. Your Friends Never Trust You With Emergencies


Well, what did you expect? Obviously, you aren’t going to be there on time, so your friends never rely on you whenever they need something to be done urgently.

4. You Feel Too Lazy And Tired Out Of Nowhere


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Even if you’ve been doing nothing all day and feeling quite relaxed, once you know you have to go somewhere you become a whole other person. This person is as lazy as a sloth and as slow as a snail. Finally, you’ll end up being late as usual.

5. You Get Long Boring Lectures For Being Late


Your friends keep giving you long lectures about the value of time and how you let them down every time. Oh well, you probably haven’t heard much of it, because you would have been playing Planet Of The Apes inside your mind. Also, there’s a good chance that your mind is just sleeping while your eyes are looking straight to their face.

6. You Get Creative With Excuses


If there was an award for the best excuse, you’d definitely get it. You come up with plot lines and characters to make your story believable even though people hardly ever believe you. And sometimes, when you’re nervous, you might even come up with really crazy ones that make your friends drop their jaws.

7. You Lie To Them That You’re On Your Way


When your angry friend calls you after they have lost their patience waiting for you, you often have two answers— “I’m on my way buddy” and “I’ll be there in ten minutes.” You know you’re not going to do either of them but these are always of help. They’re classic excuses.

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8. You Have A Trademark “I’m Sorry” Face

You are born with a puppy face that can melt anyone. So you just walk in and attack the angry person in front of you with your liquid eyes and pupper face. This might not work that well on your friends or teachers but it’s surely going to save you if you’ve been keeping your parents or your lover waiting.

9. You Crack Jokes To Break The Ice


You know that everyone’s mad at you and are almost on the verge of beginning the bashing. So, this is your shield of defense. You start cracking awkward and uncomfortable jokes so that the tension in the air is dissolved and you get a chance to escape.

All jokes aside, being late all the time isn’t really a good habit. It can actually get you in trouble during emergencies and at work. Are you a latecomer? Or do you know anyone who possesses all the qualities above? Let us know in the comments section below.

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