Best facial razors designed for women

Ultimate smoothness.

Ultimate smoothness. ( Sara Kauten via Unsplash/)

For some people, facial razors are a best-kept secret. Once you discover that you don’t need to shell out endless money on hair removal at salons, you’re unlikely to look back. Using a facial razor at home enables you to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, glowing layer of skin. At-home dermaplaning advocates will tell you that you’ll enjoy an easier, cleaner makeup application, and you may never book an uncomfortable eyebrow threading session again. Here are the facial razors people will soon be asking you for tips about.

This set guarantees precision and longevity.

This set guarantees precision and longevity. (Amazon/)
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These facial razors made in Japan will make you wonder where they’ve been all your life. They’re slender, and the blade is straight and sharp to ensure a close exfoliation or shave. You can easily grip the handle for a thorough, scratch-resistant shave, or a single spot touch-up. Even if you’re gentle on your skin with this razor, remember to use a toner and moisturize after use.

Throw these small razors in your bag on the go.

Throw these small razors in your bag on the go. (Amazon/)

One of the biggest names in razors does, in fact, make a specialty tool designed for some of your most delicate needs. These multipurpose razors are a dual win: exceptionally affordable and reliably versatile for exfoliating or removing a full layer of hair. They also include an additional attachment so you can specifically shape your eyebrows.

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Bring the salon home to you. (Amazon/)

This modestly upscale dermaplaning wand is designed for people who want the quality of a salon device but are seeking beauty upgrades on a budget. It’s battery-operated and equipped with a light, so you can use it with any mirror and illuminate spots or patches you couldn’t otherwise see. It comes with six blades, and once you run out, you’ll need to buy more replacements. In the long-run, it’s a more sustainable choice to keep reusing this single handle.

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These basic, no-frill choice get the job done. (Amazon/)

Are you the person who’s always forgetting to restock your favorite beauty products or tools? These blades are for you. This set of 12, tomato-red razors are workhorses: they can dermaplane, perfect your brows, or remove hair from your entire face. You can expect to shear unwanted hair no matter the texture, and you’re more likely to have an extra blade around for those last-minute, unexpected grooming needs.