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Gardening tool sets that will help your flowers, herbs, and vegetables thrive

These tools will help you create an outdoor space that blossoms, blooms, and fruits.

These tools will help you create an outdoor space that blossoms, blooms, and fruits. (Amazon/)

There’s never been a better time to invest a little energy in cultivating your garden and discovering the creative potential of your backyard. Whether you’re a new gardener or have a seasoned green thumb, everyone can appreciate that good tools make a world of difference. Why spend time struggling when a good shovel can make something that could feel like a chore into a luxury. Here are three of our favorite tool sets.

These tools are crowned jewels.

These tools are crowned jewels. (Amazon/)

This is a no-nonsense set of tools that comes in a convenient tote. If your closets tend to get chaotic, this is a great way of keeping your tools from wandering off and getting lost. The tote has 7 exterior pockets, which is more than enough room for the tools included in this purchase. Your summer tomatoes will thank you; this set comes with everything you need for a little garden maintenance. Despite the set’s small size, the tools are quite sturdy. When you’re digging into cold morning soil, you won’t have to worry about your handle snapping off. For what you get, you’ll hardly believe the price.

Spend hours with your flowers.

Spend hours with your flowers. (Amazon/)

If you like the idea of reviving your garden but don’t want to strain your back, this affordable set from Bo-Toys will exceed expectations. It comes with a small chair that will make your time outside less like a chore and more like a luxury. The ten tools will cover all your green thumb needs, and when you’re done they are easily packed away in their tote. The whole set—including the chair and tote—weighs only 5.45 pounds, so you’ll have no problem taking it out of the garage. Those of you who like to take your time outside can bring a book, set up your chair, and work on your plants as you see fit. That sounds pretty good to us.

Take pride in being outside.

Take pride in being outside. (Amazon /)

Maybe you already have a variety of tools you like, but you need to replace a few. If you aren’t looking to buy a large set, this three-piece set from Fiskars will do the job. This trowel, transplanter, and cultivator are essential to any gardening work. We love that the transplanter has gradation marks, so you can see how deep you’re getting. The heads are made of cast-aluminum, which will help them resist rust. Best of all, they have a lifetime warranty, so in the unlikely event they break, you can easily replace them.

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