Home tennis training tools guaranteed to up your game

Keep your skills sharp at home.

Keep your skills sharp at home. ( Ben Hershey via Unsplash/)

Tennis is a lifestyle. Even when you’re home, consider checking out some tennis training gear to keep your forehand in tip-top shape. Whether you are already a pro or just starting lessons, there is no need to abandon practice if you can’t get to the club. Set some new goals for yourself and work at them in the privacy of your own home; soon you will be wow-ing your tennis partner, winning championships, and wishing you started training at home sooner.

An underdog in topspin training.

An underdog in topspin training. (Amazon/)

The TopSpinPro training aid will help you perfect your (you guessed it) topspin and all you’ll need is your racket. It’s perfect for recreational players or those who need to get back in touch with basics. Portable and easy to assemble, it’s great for taking with you to the courts or setting up in your living room. The screens set up around the stationary tennis ball will force you to adjust the angle of your racket so as you practice your stroke becomes increasingly accurate. The ball is mounted on a spindle so when you hit it, it will immediately bounce back, as it does you will be able to actually see your spin. Anyone in the family can use the TopSpinPro, it can accommodate anyone between 3 and 7 feet tall. Don’t let a rainy day be an excuse to rest on your laurels.

Get a good grip.

Get a good grip. (Amazon/)

The Total Serve ServeMaster might look a little like a dog toy, but it is going to give you great results when it comes to practicing your serve at home. This nifty training tool will help you perfect your serve by focusing on your grip and the trajectory of your swing. It’s also a great way to warm up your arm, increase your range of motion, and regulate your tempo. You can master the “Continental Grip” all while walking around your basement, kitchen, living room, or on a jaunt around the block. It might look simple but its training power is mighty.

Be one of the greats. (Amazon/)

The tennis world became a brighter place when Billie Jean King took the court and now you can tap into her prowess by trying out the Eye Coach. You will only need about 10 feet of room to get the most out of this training tool, which makes it perfect for your backyard or living room. It’s also easily storable so you won’t need to take up extra space in your apartment. The Eye Coach will help you practice your control, timing, power while giving you a great cardio workout. Once you hit the ball, it will quickly come back at you, keeping you literally on your toes. You can practice up to 17 shots as well as topspin and underspin. The Eye Coach will be the closest thing you’ll get to an in-person match.

Hone your control. (Amazon/)

For those of you that might have a little bit more space, getting yourself a great rebounding net is an excellent way to keep up your training. You can choose from a “large” 7-foot-by-8-foot or “small” 5-foot-by-6-foot net and set it up wherever you like. It is going to work best on surfaces that will support a tennis ball bounce, i.e driveway, garage, porch, or patio. This rebounder is unique in that you can adjust the angle of the net to practice different training drills. The net is made out of 28mm mesh and has rubber-based feet so it won’t slip away from you with each powerful swing. So get to work with a rebounder that will volley back.