The best multi-headphone power amps for studio use

So everyone can hear.

So everyone can hear. (Jan Střecha via Unsplash/)

We’ve all shared earbuds and used headphone splitters to share music and listen with others. In studio settings, multiple people often need to hear the same thing at the same time, and it takes more than a simple splitter adapter to get the job done. Unlike splitters, a dedicated headphone amp sends the proper amount of power to each pair of headphones, preventing distortion and overloading that can hurt your ears and damage your headphones. It also prevents you from tangling with an endless sea of adapters and cables when you’re trying to feed audio to a whole group of people. For protecting the ears of producers and musicians and making sure everyone’s audio is crystal clear, a multi-headphone amplifier is a must.

Here’s a list of the best multi-headphone amplifiers currently on the market.

Compact for tiny spaces and mobile studios.

Compact for tiny spaces and mobile studios. (Amazon/)

This compact headphone amp from Behringer is a great solution for small project studios with limited space and limited needs. It runs with an included 12-volt adapter and powers up to four pairs of headphones in stereo, each with their own independent volume control. The input takes one ¼-inch stereo plug and distributes it to four ¼-inch stereo outputs. This would be a great solution for voiceover and radio studios where multiple people are working together.

Tough, stackable metal case for expandability.

Tough, stackable metal case for expandability. (Amazon /)

The ART HeadAMP4 is a headphone amplifier with four independent volume channels that’s able to drive up to eight pairs of headphones in a breeze. It’s powered by a 12-volt DC adapter and is packed in a tiny, custom-extruded metal case that’s shaped specifically for stacking, making this an ideal choice for studios where many outputs are required, especially in small spaces or mobile rigs. It sports both ⅛-inch and ¼-inch outputs, and the input signal can be delivered on a ¼-inch stereo plug.

Daisy chain your monitors and sum to mono.

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Daisy chain your monitors and sum to mono. (Amazon/)

PreSonus is well-known for their high-quality project studio interfaces and live sound mixers, and this headphone amp is the perfect complement to any setup requiring quality and reliability. Each channel offers a blazingly loud 130 milliwatts of power with independent volume control, and you can daisy-chain your studio monitors through the unit and use the onboard mute button to control your speakers and headphones together. The small ⅓-rack form factor is both compact and expandable, and can be mounted with two more units like it inside any 19-inch rack.

Built-in speaker power amplifier.

Built-in speaker power amplifier. (Amazon/)

For a total headphone amplification solution for your pro audio or video rig, the Furman HA-6AB offers a solution in the form of a mountable, 1-rack-unit size that offers six stereo headphone outputs. In addition to powering headphones, you can even use it as a full monitoring hub for your studio by using it to power up to two sets of speakers at 20 watts per channel, eliminating the need to buy a separate power amplifier. The icing on the cake is that you can even connect an optional remote control for volume, making this headphone amp a truly flexible choice for any studio scenario.

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