8 Fun And Easy Origami Animals For Kids

Easy art origami animals are fun to make with your kids especially now that we are all trying to stay safe in the comforts of our own homes. If you’re looking for crafts and art projects for kids to make them stay busy during this time, paper folding is a great place to start.

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Origami for Kids? Here Are Some Fun Origami Animals to Create!

1. Paper Fish


Check out this video with origami instructions on how to fold your own paper fish! Using colored paper for your origami, you and your kid or kids can create a whole school of koi fish!

You can follow the instructions in the video and start with a ten by ten-centimeter colored paper. But if you want to add more variety, you can totally double or even triple the size so the fishes aren’t all in just one size.

Pro Tip: When you’re done, you can put them in a bowl with some confetti so your kid can have his or her own faux aquarium where the fishes can live forever. Talk about a genius idea!

2. Origami Animal Fox

Next up on our list of super-easy origami animals to make with your kids, is this adorable paper fox! Foxes are known to be friendly and curious, and what better way to introduce these lovable animals to your kids than to make them out of paper!

This animal is characterized by having pointy ears and a triangular face that’s turned upside down. Therefore, your origami fox should have pointy edges.

Pro Tip: Add a face using a black marker, and place them anywhere in the house for your kids to admire and learn about!

3. Paper Turtles

If you and your little special one are fans of the ocean, then this next origami tutorial is perfect for you both! Turtles are a great way to introduce your children to the importance of taking care of the ocean and refraining from using single-use plastic.

Moreso, segueing to taking care of the planet is a great way to plant some seeds into your child’s consciousness. They can grow up to be better individuals who are conscious of their footprints on the planet that they live in and must take care of.

Pro Tip: Creating this origami animal is really simple and it all begins with a piece of square paper! You can choose with other colors depending on your child’s preference, but green is a great place to start because sea turtles are mostly colored green to begin with.

4. Paper Turtles


Another favorite animal living in the ocean are whales! They are humongous and serene and plays a huge part in the whole cycle of the ocean ecosystem.

Eating mostly planktons, whales are often misunderstood because of their size and intimidating appearance. Kids can definitely learn a lot about this animal through simple paper folding.

Pro Tip: Apart from learning about them, your kids can also learn to appreciate them and have a sense of responsibility when it comes to advocating for these creatures. Who thought origami could be so fun and educational at the same time, right?

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5. Paper Dinosaurs

Next on our easy origami animals list is one that mainly lives on the ground and is already extinct–the dinosaur! That’s right, you shouldn’t be restricted to creating origami animals that are currently still living on this planet, go even further with creating animals that are extinct!

For this origami dinosaur, start with a square piece of colored paper or origami paper, then create markers by folding triangles on both sides, then a square in the middle. With each fold, you are supposed to flatten your paper afterward.

Pro Tips:

  • That’s how you create your markers for any origami art, by folding and unfolding your paper after. The markers serve as guides for your paper and create an easy movement to achieve the final form of your origami.
  • Markers are extremely important in origami art because if you don’t have them, your piece of paper will not fold the way you want it to and your final form will look extremely wonky if not unachieved. So make sure you fold your markers properly!

6. Origami Sharks


We are going back to the deep blue sea with this next origami animal, the shark. Similar to whales, sharks have also been misunderstood creatures of the sea.

While they are indeed capable of doing damage, they are actually very gentle animals and don’t necessarily prey on humans like how they are portrayed to be. Most of the time, sharks only attack humans because they think we’re something else–seals.

Quick Trivia:

  • Relateable especially for surfers, sharks often mistake surfboards as seals swimming in the ocean. That is why most of the recorded shark attacks are that of surfers.
  • If your child is interested in learning about sharks or has an affinity towards them, take this origami exercise as an opportunity to teach them about these misunderstood creatures.

7. Origami Penguins

This is the first origami animal-style on this list that requires you to have a two-tone paper. Meaning, one side is a different color than the other.

For penguins, you obviously need a white and black two-toned paper, but you can choose to go with whatever two-tone colors you or your kids want. After all, this is your own project, and you have free reign to be as creative as you want!

Quick Trivia:

  • In case you didn’t know, penguins are birds and they do not have the ability to fly. Instead, they swim. And when they do, they swim extremely fast; so fast, that they’re named as the fastest-swimming birds! Talk about a fun and interesting trivia to tell your kid!
  • Penguins are warm-blooded animals, just like humans! However, they are mostly found on the antarctic, where the average temperature can drop to negative ten to negative sixty degrees Celcius!

8. Origami Dogs

Wrapping up our list of fun and easy origami animals to make with your kids is everyone’s bestfriends, dogs! How can we create a list of origami animals without including everyone’s favorite pet?

This tutorial is extremely easy to follow and just like the other origami inspirations listed above, you can add whatever face you want for your dog, in whatever color you choose!

We hope you got inspired by our list of origami animals that are all easy to make with your kids while staying indoors!

What did you think of this list? Tell us in the comments section below!


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