5 Brilliant Drawing Ideas For Kids For Summer Break

Drawing ideas for kids are easy to come by on the internet, with a lot of people creating many arts for kids nowadays. With this, your kids don’t have to be on summer vacation to experience summer activities, especially when all these drawing ideas are indoors!

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Drawing for Kids? Here Are Some Great Ideas for You!

1. Mixed Media Drawing Ideas for Kids

We’re kicking off our list of drawing ideas for kids with this very creative artwork. Using egg cartons and paint, this mixed media artwork can prove to be a little bit of a tedious one but is worth every minute of your time.

This drawing idea is a great project to do with your kids to help them become more creative. Why, you ask? Because they will be able to realize that drawing is not limited to just brushes, pens, and paint!

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • By using other materials and other forms of media, you are opening their eyes to the infinite possibilities of art. You can also create focus on the fact that you are recycling materials for this project!
  • So if you’re looking for drawing ideas for kids that can really widen their perspective with art, and educate them with helping the planet at the same time, then this project is for you!

2. Mess Free Finger Painting


Next on our list of drawing ideas for kids is this genius way of finger painting–mess-free! A lot of parents are sometimes wary of letting their kids make a mess when creating art, so they sometimes shy away from things like finger painting.

This amazing idea lets your kids play with colors while keeping their little fingers squeaky clean! To do this, you just need a ziplock bag and some paint.


  • Place your paint inside the zipbag, seal it, and tape the bag on top of a black piece of paper. Let your kid use his or her fingers to spread the paint around and learn how to blend colors beautifully!
  • Make sure that you use only an ample amount of paint so that the bag doesn’t become too squishy and bulky. You would still want your bag to remain relatively flat while your kid plays around and draws with the colors inside.
  • This drawing idea is also a great sensory project for younger children, so it’s a double win for you as a parent!

3. Classic Finger Painting

Of course, we can’t not include the classic, messy, finger painting technique in this list! A somewhat opposite approach to the previous drawing idea above, you can never go wrong with this technique!

Finger painting allows your kid to be creative in expressing himself or herself with art. They can paint whatever they want, using whatever colors they wish to use.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • While it is essentially a very free approach to drawing, you can also try to apply more structure if you want by following different shapes or figures and using finger painting to achieve them.
  • Basically, you and your kids can do whatever you want with finger painting. It is messy, for sure, but the clean up is worth it when you see that your kids have learned a great deal of appreciation for the arts and being creative!

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4. Stamping Drawing Ideas for Kids


Up next in our list is stamping! This is another fun way to teach your kids to think outside the box when it comes to drawing and making art.

In the example above, you may use a toilet paper core to create a fun flower stamp. Cut one inch strips around your toilet paper core, and fold them outwards to create the petals.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Brush paint onto the petals and stamp them immediately on your canvas! The middle will be blank, so it’s up to you and your kid to fill it in with whatever color you wish.
  • You can even go more creative with coloring each petal a different hue and filling in the center with patterns instead of just one solid color.

When you’re done with all your flowers, paint on some stems and draw on your background to set a wonderful garden scene!

5. Connect the Dots!

This next drawing style is a little more tedious for both kids and parents but is super educational! In a connect-the-dots style of drawing, you’re supposed to start with printing your image onto a piece of paper.

Grab your black canvas and place it on top of your guide image and trace the bottom image using dots. Make sure that you put enough space in between the dots so your kids can actually connect them together.

After you’ve placed your dots, then it’s up to your kids to draw lines that connect each dot with each other. When done, you can marvel at the finished image that you guys have created together!

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You can also go freestyle by not having a guide image to begin with. Let your imagination run wild by placing random dots and creating abstract art with your kid.
  • Using colored pencils or watercolor should create a colorful piece of art that your kid can definitely be proud of!
  • And there you have it for some fun and very creative drawing ideas for kids! Having to stay indoors most of the time can be a little bit overwhelming for parents who have young children.

Watch this video from Amanda Rach Lee for other drawing ideas for kids:

Finding ways to keep them busy and creative during this pandemic not only entertains them but educates them at the same time. So stay indoors and make art!

What did you think of this list? Tell us in the comments section below!


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