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DIY Macrame Necklace Ideas You Can Make With Your Kids

A DIY macrame necklace is something you can make with your kids when everybody is asked to stay indoors because of a pandemic. If you are looking for fun activities to do with your children, then this is perfect!

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Here Are Some Macrame Necklace Ideas for You!

1. Chevron Sillhouette with Tail

This easy tutorial on how to create a very simple macrame necklace is all you need to be busy with your kid. Using yarn and a chain, you’ll be able to craft your very own beautiful macrame necklace!

Feel free to use different colors for your yarn and different sizes of chains for this project. For the chain, you can go ahead and recycle an old necklace that you’re not using anymore or are planning to throw away.

Some old chain necklaces have pendants and you don’t need those pendants for this project because you’re creating a new one using yarn. To get rid of your pendant, simply slide it off the chain, or use a pair of pliers to loosen the ring that holds it in place.

2. U-Pattern Macrame Necklace


If having fringes on your macrame pendant is not your style, you can experiment with this cute and catchy U-pattern pendant.

Instead of attaching the macrame pendant to a metal chain, you will be using the same rope for your macrame knot as your necklace string! You can go ahead and use a thick rope for this project too because why not, right?

As long as your finished product is not heavy for your neck to wear, then you should have no problem. Aside from the rope size, you can also choose whatever color you want. You don’t have to go for yellow like the image, you can go with pink, white, or go crazy with a rainbow yarn!

3. Ring Fringe Macrame Necklace

We are going back to macrame fringes with this technique we’re showing you. But we have a new addition to the mix–rings! That’s right, you can create a macrame necklace pendant using a wooden ring!

If you do not have a wooden ring, you can totally opt for metal rings. Go further by recycling those metal rings from binders that you might have lying around your house. Not only are you creating a super cute macrame necklace, but you’re also recycling!

Big washers or plastic rings can also work with this style, basically, anything that’s circular with a big enough hole in the middle will work. However, take note that using wooden rings add to the boho effect of this macrame necklace.

This macrame style is actually very easy to make because you are essentially just tying knots around your ring and cutting them according to your ring’s circumference. Make multiple ones in varying colors for yourself and your friends!

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4. Teardrop Pendant Rope Necklace


Another necklace option that involves using the same rope as your macrame pattern is this gorgeous style. This macrame style is cascading from both ends and forms a V-shape before being sealed off with a beautiful bead pendant.

You would be needing a thin yarn for your design and a big bead for your main pendant. We want to use a thinner yarn for this compared to our examples above because we want the big pendant to be accentuated.

If you can find a teardrop pendant, that would be ideal. However, if you only have oval beads, that can work too! Take it a step further by using your birthstone as your main pendant, making this necklace that much more important and sentimental.

5. Oval Pendant Macrame

Speaking of birthstones, this birthstone pendant macrame necklace is another perfect way to accessorize beautifully and with a purpose.

This pattern essentially cradles and hugs your birthstone tightly. If you don’t have a beaded version of your birthstone, do not worry because you can use any large oval bead for this style!

Similar to the previous example, large beads are great in macrame necklaces because they add that boho flair to it. Apart from that, they also add weight to your pendant which makes your necklace hang against your neck more gracefully.

6. Flower Pattern Macrame


Opposite from the grandiose and eye-catching characteristic of large pendants, here’s a cute macrame idea rounding up our list of fun macrame necklace ideas to make with your kids!

The idea behind this style is creating a big number of small florets and making it long enough to be turned into a necklace. With this method, you don’t need a pendant because you are knotting multiple florets all across the length of your necklace.

You can make a cute choker with this method. And now that you’re probably looking for ways to stay busy while keeping indoors, why not go ahead and create a whole set of chokers and bracelets?

These bracelets or chokers are perfect for gifts for your friends and loved ones. Make a friendship bracelet for them during this quarantine period and let them feel loved even though you can’t hang out in person!

Watch this video from Macrame School for a Frozen inspired necklace:

We hope you found inspiration from all the ideas we’ve compiled above! At the end of the day, macrame is a process that is meant to be enjoyed and made with love.

So go out there and create your own macrame necklace with or for your loved ones!

Did you find any favorites from our list of fun macrame necklace ideas? Let us know what your favorite ones are in the comments section below!


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