6 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Summer Makeup Look


We are always under the notion that it’s just the wardrobe that needs a makeover with every changing season. But, have you wondered that there’s so much more to it? We’re talking about makeup here. Indian summer is literally under full swing, and who doesn’t love sunny days? It’s that time of the year when we say okay to the tans, we are thrilled to wear our summer dresses, and ditch the heels for good and wear only flip flops.

There are barbeque parties, pool parties, and it’s clearly the bikini time of the year. An oversized hat and some crushed ice based cocktails are all you need to keep the summer happiness going. Sounds oh-so-divine, right?

But there’s one thing that every woman must focus on when it’s summertime — the summer makeup! Wearing makeup when the sun is shining brightest can be very tricky to maintain, right?  You must be a pro at all the makeup tricks and hacks. But when summer knocks at your doors, you will look like an ice cream cone — drop-dead gorgeous for the first few minutes and then slowly just like an ice cream cone, your makeup begins to melt making you look like a messy queen.

6 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Summer Makeup Look


It’s true, summer is a very tricky month for all makeup lovers out there. Here are some important summer makeup hacks that we’ve put together for you. Read on.

1. Never Skip Your Primer


We get it. The summer suns are too hot to handle, because of which we are tempted to skip certain steps of applying makeup, for example, the primer. We do it with a thought that it will keep our makeup light. But, dear ladies, it’s the primer that helps to keep our base in place. Skipping primer can lead to the clogging of pores. Use water-based primers for summers; they are best and won’t suffocate the skin.

2. Don’t Use Your Winter Foundation For Summer


You’re confused, aren’t you? The foundation which is making you look pale right now made you look stunning during the winter season. This is because summer season demands using a lighter formulated foundation to suit the temperature that your makeup will be exposed to. The shelf life of foundations is at least three years. So save the old one for the next winter season and buy yourself a lighter foundation that suits the summer heat.

3. Never Let The Color Of Your Dress And Eye Shadow Match


We could still pass this thought of yours if you were to attend some vintage themed Barbie party, but for summers it’s a big no-no, okay? The match-y and bright eye shadow can look overdone and very harsh for your summer look. Besides, it’s going to make you look outdated and old as well. Use softer shades maybe, going for nudes are better in our opinion. You need to wear makeup that cuts down the harshness of the sun and not make you look like a bright, shiny sun!

4. Pick The Right Bronzer


Getting summer-ready is all about you looking sun-kissed! And bronzers are typically used to give shine or color to make the appearance of the skin look like it was suntanned. Remember, it’s just suntan and not sunburnt! Therefore, pick a bronzer in a color that is subtle and goes well with your skin color. We recommend gold tones for skin tones that are cooler. And for warmer tones, peachy bronze is apt. Create a good suntan effect with the right bronzer during summer and avoid looking like you came out of a barbeque tray.

5. Over-powdering Must Be Avoided


Most of us consider switching to powder-based products as the summer begins to set in; we do this to encounter the sweat. But, if you apply too much of it or reapply the powder at any given point in the day, it’s going to make your face look caked. Even skin might suffocate and this could lead to breakouts. Some of them even suffer from a dry skin problem during summers and using powder can only worsen this situation. Therefore, we recommend that you use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer.

6. Waterproof Makeup Is A Must


We know that wearing waterproof makeup is a must for pool and beach parties. Turns out that during summers, wearing them all the time is the most ideal thing to do, especially if you live in heat prone areas. Summer months scream intense humidity, which makes even the best of the makeup all smudgy. Therefore, take the waterproof way especially for your eye makeup.

Embrace these six commandments and we guarantee that you’ll look flawless even during the summers this year. P.S. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen always! Do you know of any other summer makeup hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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