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Four disposable cameras to capture your favorite moments

Every picture is a surprise.

Every picture is a surprise. ( Alberico Bartoccini via Unsplash/)

You don’t need a fancy camera to capture amazing memories. These disposable cameras are going to be a great way to take pictures wherever you go. Lightweight and easy to use, these cameras are going to give you some creative keepsakes to share, send, or save in a photo album for a rainy day. Not only will you feel a sense of nostalgia receiving your developed pictures, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the surprise and simplicity of the final print. You won’t regret going with a single-use camera when you see that picture of your mom, best friend, or pet surprised by the flash. The cameras we’ve listed here will give you unique options for taking pictures in any scene with any style.

The camera you used as a kid.

The camera you used as a kid. (Amazon/)

The Kodak single-use camera is undoubtedly a classic. The Funsaver operates at a higher speed than many of its competitors; pre-loaded with 800 speed-film (as opposed to the often seen 400 speed) to guarantee a clear capture for all 27 photos. The shutter is super responsive and makes a great sound, which means you will never be left wondering if you got the shot. This camera is great for capturing outdoor landscapes in natural light; perfect for a beach vacation, camping trip, or local park adventure. Don’t worry, it does come with flash so you can still get some great pics at night. This camera is also good for the environment. Kodak’s environment initiative has led to more than 70 percent of their cameras being recycled in the United States.

Under the sea looks clear to me.

Under the sea looks clear to me. (Amazon/)

This camera is going to be the one for you if you plan on jumping in the water. It has an incredibly sturdy build that will keep your photos protected in up to 35 feet of ocean, lake, river, or pool. It works great above the waterline too. Just like the Kodak, this camera works best outdoors and on sunny days, but unlike the Kodak, make sure you leave it at home during your night swim because it does not have flash. It comes loaded with Superia X-TRA 800 film for 27 pictures and has a convenient rubber wrist strap to keep it securely in the hands of kids and adults alike. Grab your beach bag and don’t forget to toss in your Fujifilm camera, just in case you see a stingray.

Film noir fantasies fulfilled.

Film noir fantasies fulfilled. (Amazon/)

Really lean into a vintage vibe with a black and white disposable camera. There are surprisingly a large number of options for a b&w single-use camera, but we have gone with the Ilford XP2. This camera will give you great contrast and tone on all your retro images. It works stunningly well in daylight conditions so you can feel confident shooting architecture, landscapes, and any other fanciful vacation finds. This camera does come with flash so you can feel free to experiment on an overcast day or in the dark of the night. The overall image quality is consistent and bright so you can feel free to be bold with black and white.

Did you go to art school?

Did you go to art school? (Amazon/)

If you are looking to get a little wild with your photography then this Lomography camera is the right choice for you. This camera can be a little tough to track down, but there are a few places that still carry it. Technically, you can reload this camera with any 35mm film, but it follows all the rules of other single-use cameras so we felt it was okay to bend the rules, just this once. The Lomochrome is quite simply the camera you can have the most fun with. It comes loaded with 36 exposures (almost 10 extra pictures). There is a built-in flash and it can shoot subjects as close as 3.3-feet away. The Lomochrome camera is going to give you the perfect way to preserve some party pics.

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