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How To Make A Flower Pot Stand From An Old Computer Table

Creating your own flower pot stand is a therapeutic way to care for your plants, and repurpose some unused furniture! Now that you have plenty of time staying indoors, you can finally do something with that old computer table that you have lying around your house.

Here’s a great idea that requires minimal effort to repurpose your old computer table and give your flowers and other plants a new home!

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Turn Your Old PC Table Into a Flower Pot Stand!

What You Will Need:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Paint with your choice of color
  • Thick paintbrush
  • Gloves

Step 1: Clean Your Table

Clean your table thoroughly by wiping it with your all-purpose cleaner. Make sure to also remove any existing chipped paint during this stage.

You want your table to be completely free of dust that would hinder with your painting process later. If there are any exposed nails or hinges, take them out as well by using the appropriate tools.

If you’re not experienced with handling carpentry or gardening tools, make sure to ask someone for help. You don’t want to injure yourself when doing this project or create an untoward accident!

It’s great to repurpose an old computer table into a flower pot stand because of its existing shelving. However, if you’d like to remove some shelving from your table, you can also remove it at this point by using a hammer and some tools.

Step 2: Time to Paint!

After cleaning your table thoroughly with your all-purpose cleaner and when you’re happy with the shelving, it’s time to paint it! Wear your gloves so you won’t have paint splatters on your hands.

Grab your paint and paint all sides of your table including the areas that may not be seen by a lot of people. This includes the underside, the legs, and the corners and edges.

When painting, it is important to make sure to pay attention to the nooks and crannies as well. Depending on the state of your computer desk, there might be some chips and uneven sides that are formed due to repeated use over time.

When you’ve covered all sides completely, let the first coat dry for about 24 hours or less, and paint another layer. We want to have at least two coats of paint for this project so that it’s nice and solid in color.

You can also just choose to have one coat of paint if you want the rustic and unfinished look for your repurposed plant stand. You can even sand down the dried paint to let the wood underneath peek through a little bit more.

If you want your repurposed flower pot stand to stand the test of time, you can paint on a primer beforehand. Let the primer dry completely before painting on your actual pain color.

And if you don’t want to use a paint primer, that’s also okay and you may go straight to painting your flower pot stand directly. After painting with your choice of color and kind of paint, you may seal it with a top coat.

There are some types of paint that don’t require a top coat or a primer, and you can use these instead if you wish. Either way, your repurposed flower pot stand will look great!

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Step 3: Let Dry and Place Your Pots!

When you are done with your second coat and top coat and when you’ve made sure that you have covered all areas of your computer table including the nooks and crannies, it is time to let everything dry.

It is recommended to let everything dry for at least 24 hours. This is to ensure that no paint will chip off once you use your table for your pots.

After all the drying, you can now use your flower pot stand and place your favorite foliage on its shelves!

How you want your flower pot stand to look like depends on you and your vision, but you can take inspiration from layering different heights of plants and putting them beside each other.

You can also put different types of plants beside one another for an interesting textural approach. One way to take your over-all design further is to place pothos on the top shelf and let its vines creep down, creating a curtain of foliage that is a beautiful and modern look.

For another inspiration on your repurposed flower pot stand and how you can style your plants on it, take a look at this great example below!

Flower Pot Stand Garden


This computer table has drawers instead of shelves. When you have this, you can pull out the drawers instead and display your flowers and plants there!

The yellow paint adds to the rustic charm of this flower pot stand because it complements the beautiful lush foliage. You can choose to go with other colors of paint if you decide to go with this project. However, make sure that you consider how the paint will look like alongside the plants that you’re going to place on your stand.

Watch the full tutorial video on how to repurpose your old computer table by Victoria H below:

We hope we’ve inspired you to repurpose your old computer table or any table for that matter, into useful new furniture! Whatever your vision is, you can surely turn any unused table into a beautiful garden piece that you can place indoors or outdoors.

Having a set vision with your existing foliage is a great thing. And having the knowledge on how to turn this vision into a reality is even better!

The sky is the limit with this project. Let your imagination run free!

What do you think of this repurposed flower pot stand idea? Let us know in the comments section below!


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