Wireless remotes for on-point presentations

No more awkward transitions.

No more awkward transitions. (Teemu Paananen via Unsplash./)

If you speak on a regular basis at conferences, workshops, or in company boardrooms you’ll know that you can’t always rely on in-house equipment to be charged up and ready to go. Prepping slides, memorizing key messaging, and editing your content into a succinct and impactful presentation is challenging enough. Dealing with wonky slide transitions and technical glitches can knock you off of your game altogether.

Pack your own presentation remote and access features that allow you to pace the room freely, highlight key subject matter, and stay on time and on message. These four options will help you minimize distraction and deliver a compelling pitch.

Reliable control with a range of up to 65 feet.

Reliable control with a range of up to 65 feet. (Amazon/)

Just plug the USB receiver of this device into your laptop to control PowerPoint and Keynote presentations wirelessly with the remote. The red laser pointer works with screen and wall projections to help you draw attention to astonishing sales numbers and irrefutable reasons why you should get that contract. At just about four inches long and two inches wide, you’ll have essential buttons in the palm of your hand to advance slides, go back, or activate the laser pointer. A fourth button allows you to hide your screen so the company’s top executives won’t see that IM pop up saying, “Hey, how did it go?”

Propose with this ring and you might just get a yes. (Amazon/)

When you slip this presentation ring on your finger, you won’t have to worry about losing your remote mid-speech when you do a live demonstration with participants. The rubber ring can be adjusted to fit your hand securely, and the controls allow you to advance or go back as well as point a laser at your content. Plug the USB receiver into your Mac or PC to operate the remote using wireless radio frequency (RF), or use it with Bluetooth depending on how far away you’ll be from your computer—you’ll get a range up to 115 feet with Bluetooth.

Push all the right buttons. (Amazon/)

Instead of surreptitiously checking your watch while you talk, glance down at the LCD screen on this wireless PC remote (sorry, Mac users) to see how much time is remaining—or rely on vibrating 5, 2, and 0 minute alerts so you don’t ramble away your Q&A. If you love circling the room to inspire lecture attendees to stay focused, you’ll enjoy up to 100 feet of range between your remote and the RF receiver. Just be sure to glance at the handy reception indicators to avoid going too far. Unlike many laser pointers, this model’s green laser light is visible on plasma and LCD displays in addition to projection screens.

Is a TED talk in your future? (Amazon/)

This presentation remote goes above and beyond the average remote clicker and laser pointer to help audiences see your hard work in a whole new light. It’s got all the essentials including compatibility with Mac and PC, as well as the ability to work with your computer using Bluetooth or an RF receiver. Install Logitech’s presentation software on your computer to take advantage of where this device really shines: the ability to magnify details on your screen in real time, use your pointer like a mouse, adjust volume, and highlight material with a round, wide spotlight effect.