26 June 2019

6 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Summer Makeup Look

We are always under the notion that it’s just the wardrobe that needs a makeover with every changing season. But, have you wondered that there’s so much more to it? […]
26 June 2019

Here’s What Lip Colour You Should Be Wearing Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lipsticks are probably the first thing that comes to everybody’s minds when it comes to makeup. One peep into our beauty bag and we’ll find a legit bunch of lip […]
26 June 2019

101 Good Night Messages For Him

Are you looking for new ways to say goodnight to your boo in a special way? Well, you don’t need to look any further! We are practically love doctors here, […]
25 June 2019

101 Different Ways To Say I Love You

So many people are absolutely crazy about their partners. Yet, there are so many who find it hard to express how they feel. It’s not easy saying those three little […]
25 June 2019

10 Habits Of People Who Never Gain Weight

Don’t we all have that one friend who never puts on weight? It’s hard to not feel jealous of them because they aren’t always dieting, they never go to the […]
22 June 2019

Start Every Day With This 10-minute De-stressing Habit For The Sake Of A Healthier Mind

Have you ever wondered how much time you dedicate in a day for the sake of taking care of yourself? Well, most of us have not done it because where’s […]
22 June 2019

Say Good Bye To Chapped Lips With This Lip Care Routine

Have you ever woken after a good slumber of 8 hours to find that while that beauty sleep has revitalized your skin, your lips have suffered greatly? Yes, I am […]
21 June 2019

Clear And Spotless Skin Right At Home

Have you always been wondering how to achieve clear, spotless skin overnight? Is your history on Google search overflowing with ways to achieve flawless looking skin? We totally understand your […]