19 August 2020

How to Manifest Anything You Want and Achieve Your Dreams

Manifestation is a hot topic in this ever-growing personal-development-conscious world and culture we live in. Some people see manifestation as a woo woo, hyper-spiritual practice that focuses on bringing into […]
19 August 2020

How to Push Yourself to the Next Level and Achieve Success

Limits are stumbling blocks between you and your success. You will face stiff resistance when attempting to break through the limit. Resistance could be self-inflicted fear, doubt, low self-esteem, physical […]
19 August 2020

The risks of three back-to-school plans, ranked

While some options eliminate COVID-19 concerns, they still may be worrisome for other reasons. (Julia M Cameron from Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here, including breakdowns of the […]
19 August 2020

We need rapid COVID-19 screening if we want to get back to normal

Many hospitals like this one in Alberta, Canada, have set up screening checkpoints for COVID-19. Other facilities can do the same. (Graham Ruttan/Unsplash/) Zoë McLaren is an associate professor of […]
19 August 2020

Tiny dust particles could help spread viruses like the flu

We’re all surrounded by personal clouds of dust and debris smaller than the eye can see. (Pexels/) Scientists have debated the role of droplets both large and small in the […]
19 August 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G has one of the best screens you can cram in your pocket

Pictures of phone screens are boring. Here’s the back of the phone. (Stan Horaczek /) You’re easily forgiven if you don’t know how much RAM your smartphone has inside. No […]
19 August 2020

Longterm polyamory seems to work just fine for these frogs

Goat frogs, which are native to Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest, are the first known case of an amphibian species in which males maintain lasting relationships with more than one female mate. […]
12 August 2020

Manmade pollutants could be harming marine mammals more than we think

Researchers identified multiple bottlenose dolphins with high levels of mercury in their livers. Marine scientists are only beginning to understand the relationship between ocean pollutants and sea animals’ health. (NOAA/Amy […]